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iNet is keenly aware that a company's risk from intrusion has never been higher than it is today. Even with the best anti-virus system installed on your workstations and servers you need to plan for the day when infection occurs.

That is why we take the multilayered approach to security and with our online backup and disaster recovery systems we can make sure that your exposure to dreaded downtime is minimized as much as possible.

Our use of secure networks, VPNs, antivirus, antispam and web filtering software gives you a comfort level that allows you to concentrate on your business and not the latest security threat.

In addition to protecting your gateways from intrusion we also supply a real time on-line backup and archiving system which is flexible and powerful enough to insure your critical data is out of the reach of contamination. Using our eSureit backup solution. That means all your data including your e-Mail, spreadsheets, documents, pictures, databases, and more are protected. In fact whether stored on your Server, Desktop, Laptop or NAS all your files can be backed up to a secure off site, encrypted Cloud based storage at the time and frequency of your choosing. The backup agent software only replicates data that has changed at the block level, therefore it does the job quickly and unobtrusively.

Not only is your data safe but with various revision and retention settings, you can keep multiple copies of data for as long as you need. Your data is stored with 256 bit AES encryption at multiple physical locations secured with a key chosen by you and not stored with your data. All of this managed from easy to use software that you control.








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iNet Corporation is based in Rhode Island. Our mailing address is: 1550 Nooseneck Hill Road Unit 1288 Coventry, RI 02816. Contact us at or (401) 439-6463 or e-mail